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About Schneider Packaging Equipment Co., Inc.

Schneider Packaging Equipment has been providing solutions for the packaging and palletizing needs of some of America's biggest brands since 1970. We provide a full suite of packaging solutions including conventional and robotic cartoning, conventional and robotic case packing, case sealing, robotic palletizing, and complete ‘end-of-line’ integrated turnkey solutions.

Cartoning products include conventional and robotic equipment with horizontal and vertical load formats. Unique or nested packing configurations can be achieved with our Robotic Carton/Case Loader (RCCL). The RCCL is perfect for providing a solution that offers the precise and gentle product handling for a variety of bag and pouch products in many industries.

Case packer products include Horizontal Case Packers (HCP) which load product horizontally into a case, Vertical Case Packers (VCP) which load product vertically into a case either from the top or the bottom, Wraparound Case Packers (WP) which form the case around the product, and Robotic HVCP case packers which are designed to pack both vertical, horizontal or a combination of horizontal and vertical pack patterns and load it into a case.

Robotic palletizing products include Multi-Line Palletizers designed for central palletizing to palletize multiple SKUs simultaneously, Single Line Palletizers for individual lines, High-Level Palletizers for high speed applications, and the portable plug and play Robox Palletizing system designed to fit in about the same space as a manual palletizing area. The unique portability of the Robox system allows companies to be flexible to run schedules on various lines. Stop by our Booth 802 to learn how seamless it is to set up new pallet patterns on our Robox utilizing our latest Pallet Generation Software.

Schneider’s "Sentry" line of case sealing machines includes random and uniform case sealers with sealing options that include glue, pressure sensitive tape and pilfer resistant and recyclable, water-activated gummed tape.

Additionally, Schneider offers a variety of ancillary equipment such as case erectors, cartoners, conveyors, pallet dispensers, shuttle cars, automatic guided carts, and elevators that can easily be integrated with coding/labeling equipment, RFID / barcode scanners, weight checking, and stretch or shrink wrapping equipment to provide a complete turnkey system solution. Some specialty markets include food, beverage, industrial, tissue, paper, personal care, and pharmaceutical industries.

Whatever the requirements, Schneider works to provide the best solution for any unique need. Schneider is the first packaging equipment company to concurrently hold the titles RIA Certified Robot Integrator, FANUC Robotics Certified Servicing Integrator and Authorized System Integrator, and Machine Builder partner in the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork™ program.

Product Categories (32)
  1. ACCUMULATING / COLLATING MACHINES > Accumulator - Conveyor
  2. CARTONING MACHINES > Carton Horizontal End Load Form / Fill / Seal Machine
  3. CARTONING MACHINES > Carton Top Load Carton Form / Fill / Close / Seal Machine
  4. CARTONING MACHINES > Carton Vertical Form / Fill / Seal Machine
  5. CASE / TRAY SEALING MACHINES > Case Gluing Machine
  6. CASE / TRAY SEALING MACHINES > Case Taping Machine
  7. CASE / TRAY, LOADING / UNLOADING MACHINES > Horizontal Case Loading Machine
  8. CASE / TRAY, LOADING / UNLOADING MACHINES > Place Packing Machine
  9. CASE / TRAY, LOADING / UNLOADING MACHINES > Robot Place Loading / Unloading Machine
  10. CASE / TRAY, LOADING / UNLOADING MACHINES > Vertical Case Loading Machine
  12. CASE ERECTING / TRAY FORMING MACHINES > Partition Inserting Machine
  13. CASE GROUP / LOAD AND CLOSE / SEAL MACHINE > Bottom Load Casepacking Machine
  14. CASE GROUP / LOAD AND CLOSE / SEAL MACHINE > Case / Tray Multipacking Machine
  15. CASE GROUP / LOAD AND CLOSE / SEAL MACHINE > Case Erect, Fill and Close Machine
  16. CASE GROUP / LOAD AND CLOSE / SEAL MACHINE > Horizontal Case Packing Machine (End Load / Side Load)
  17. CASE GROUP / LOAD AND CLOSE / SEAL MACHINE > Vertical Case Packing Machine
  18. CASE GROUP / LOAD AND CLOSE / SEAL MACHINE > Wraparound Case Packing Machine
  19. CASE GROUP / LOAD AND CLOSE / SEAL MACHINE > Wraparound Sleeving Machine
  20. CASE GROUP / LOAD AND CLOSE / SEAL MACHINE > Wraparound Tray Packing Machine
  22. MACHINERY SYSTEMS AND COMPONENTS > Electrical / Electronic - Vision Systems
  23. ORIENTING, UNSCRAMBLING MACHINES > Component / Product Orienting, Unscrambling Machine
  24. PALLET UNITIZING MACHINES > Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine
  25. PALLETIZING - ANCILLARY MACHINES > Pallet Dispensing Machine
  26. PALLETIZING - ANCILLARY MACHINES > Slip Sheet Dispensing / Removal Machine
  27. PALLETIZING - ANCILLARY MACHINES > Top Sheet Dispensing Machine
  29. PALLETIZING / DEPALLETIZING MACHINES > Bulk Palletizer and / Depallatizer for Containers
  30. PALLETIZING / DEPALLETIZING MACHINES > Case Palletizing Machines
  31. PALLETIZING / DEPALLETIZING MACHINES > Liftoff Depalletizing Machine
  32. PALLETIZING / DEPALLETIZING MACHINES > Robotic Palletizing / Depallitizing Machine